Web Aces Improves Sales and Leads

Web Aces Improves Sales and Leads

Web Aces is an SEO company that helps individuals and businesses achieve increased sales and lead generation by helping them rank higher in search engines (SEO) using social media to drive traffic.

How the SEO Company Started

The company was founded by Arnold Aranez and Sujono Goi in 2009 when they saw the demand for quality SEO and Social Media services online.

Arnold Aranez started one of Australia’s most successful online gadget stores – Mr.Gadget (www.mrgadget.com.au) which averages over 4,000 unique visitors a day. He is also well known in social media for his prolific network especially on Twitter and Stumble Upon. Web Aces is a result of Arnold seeing the need to help other businesses achieve the similar success online. Arnold has a Bachelors and Masters of Information Systems from the University of Melbourne.

Sujono Goi founded Vantage Point Real Estate, a company that specializes in realty in the Melbourne area. The company is now one of Melbourne’s leading real estate businesses. Sujono is a licenced real estate agent and has a Bachelors of Information Systems from the University of Melbourne.

Six Reasons Why We are Better than Other SEO Companies:

  1. Deals on an international level (majority of clients are North American) – have overcome greater competition than national counterparts
  2. Provide holistic solutions – while some SEO companies can achieve number #1 positions in local Google, many have no real evidence of creating web brands that attract thousands of visitors per day
  3. Formal Project Methodology – Web Aces have practitioners who have come from a professional IT project background and therefore apply formal project management techniques such as those prescribed by PMBOK and Prince2.
  4. Renowned Online Social Network Reach – Web Aces has direct contact of the world’s top Digg, Stumble Upon and Twitter users. Arnold Aranez’s Twitter account alone has over 55,000+ followers.
  5. Experience in Viral Marketing – Web Aces has helped clients reach the front page of websites like Reddit.com, Digg.com, StumbleUpon.com, which generates tens of thousands of visitors in one day and also thousands of backlinks.

Web Aces Team:

Our team comprises of the following roles, each working together to help our clients to achieve maximum effectiveness online:

  • SEO Project Managers
  • SEO Specialists
  • Article Writers
  • Sales Co-ordinator

Ready to Help You and Your Business

We pride ourselves on forging close relationships with our clients to understand their requirements, create a strategy then deliver results.

Example of Viral Campaign

If you have SEO companies trying to sell their ability to drive traffic, ask them to show you proof of their ability to do this. Here’s a result of one recent campaign we did:


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